How does it work?

Players have to log into using a Metamask account. Once there they will go to the parcel where the MegaCube is located, and then they can start mining it right away!

To mine players have to click the blocks, very similar to Minecraft mining style.

Once the MegaCube is fully mined, the Big Reward in the core will become claimable to the first player to click the core. (or the last player to mine the last cube - we need to test what’s the fairest approach).

After a while a new MegaCube will appear.

There will be 50 MegaCubes total at the event.

Why so many MegaCubes?

We want to use the project to help promote and spread awareness about the Crypto ecosystem using the multiplayer gamification potential of Decentraland. 

Every MegaCube will have a different theme and will be sponsored by a different project, company or community in Defi, NFT, Blockchain, Art, and Crypto making it the most thrilling and massive giveaway in history!


Yes, there will be a leaderboard to see who is the best miner!

When will it end?

Once all 50 cubes are mined. This will be decided by how furiously the players mine!

How can I get involved?

If you have a blockchain or crypto related project just get in touch and let’s see how can we do something together for this first edition of MegaCube!


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What is the MegaCube really?

A MegaCube is a gigantic cube composed of smaller cubes, that have to be mined one by one, click by click , layer by layer, until the core is reached. A long lasting collaborative experience between metaverse citizens to discover what’s inside the cube.


A big reward located in the core of the cube, and only claimable by one person.


By mining you'll automatically claim a small % of chances to get a random prize. The more you mine, the more chances you get in the raffle.


Scattered around inside each MegaCube  there may be small gems that are claimable by the first person to click them.


By mining you'll automatically claim a small % of the currency pool. The more you mine, the more currency you get.



Decentraland is a decentralized Virtual World owned  by its users. Accesible from a browser and using a Web3 wallet like Metamask, you can start playing right away and explore amazing creations.

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Who is behind MegaCube?

The project is being developed by Polygonal Mind, a creative development team that imagines, designs and develops stunning environments, avatars and games full of massive artistic value.

Polygonal Mind has plenty experience building games, galleries and experiences in Decentraland. Now they want to push the limitations of the platform a bit further by creating the biggest multiplayer experience in Decentraland to date.

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