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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Join through this link to the game:

Where do I create a Metamask account?

What device can I use to join Decentraland?

Only a Desktop or Laptop. Not VR, Not mobile this time

How long is the event?

Until the core is reached. This will depend on how long does the cube takes to mine. The more people participating,

Do I need to pay gas fees?

No, all the prizes will be recorder on our internal server and they'll be distributed once the event is over. Gas fees are a huge problem right now, and have participants to claim items on their own can be more expensive than just airdroping. We'll announce on our discord when it was done and the list of winner addresses

Can I dig a tunnel?

No, you gotta clear the whole layer before mining the next one, NO SHORTCUTS MISTER.

I can't mine, why?

You need to unlock the face you wanna mine first Due Decentraland limitation we restricted only to have 1 face of the cube active at a time.

Where are the small prizes?

Small prizes are randomly distributed in every layer. The first person to remove the cube will be able to claim it.

How is the last prize distributed

Last person removing the very last cube in the 50th layer will get the final prize.

I can't see the cube

Ok, don't panic, go to Decentraland graphic settings on the bot left of you screen, and set it to BASIC, then refresh the site.

How does the controls work?

Left click - Mine E - Fly up F - Fly down

What is, is it safe ?

We created this website to allow participants to check on their prices, we didn't had time to make it look neat, but it works fine.

How do I mine cells?

Click 3 times to remove a cell

About ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens

They're placed randomly in some of the Layers. Almost every cell in these layers contain a prize